reflections on the unexpected – 2017

It’s the time of year where people reflect on their year and for some reason, I’m feeling the need to join in. Perhaps it’s because my longest held ‘big goal’ was achieved. Or more likely, it’s because of the things which happened which were unexpected. Let’s get the big goal out-of-the-way: I received my Honours Degree […]

The wall of abuse

Amidst the news of catastrophic earthquakes, hurricanes and attacks on innocent people, the announcement of Bill Cosby’s retrial date being set has understandably slipped under the radar. The recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein may refocus attention on influential people and their abuse of power through sexual assault. Cosby’s retrial will undoubtedly find its place in […]

Coming home….

This photo of my daughter and her boyfriend says it all – summer time is here. I have been away from blogging for several months. Lots of reasons, no excuses. I was declared excess at my school and had to find a new position for next year. Due to seniority, I would have been placed […]