Standing up for tomorrow – education edition

Tomorrow, schools in Ontario will be closed to students as unions representing teachers and staff hold the line around this round of negotiations. In 2015, in another round of education negotiations, I posted on this blog a letter to the Liberal Government about the reality of working in education. The following post has many parts […]

Misinformation and negotiating

The misinformation/crafted truths that are swirling around the labour negotiations related to education in Ontario is mind boggling and feels like a case study for how life has become in the World According to Trump. Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education in Ontario, has nothing on Trump for tweets that make no sense, but only because […]

Done and done

(Full disclosure – photo has NOTHING to do with this blog post. I just loved finding this birdhouse.) Yesterday I sent off my final assignment for my Fiction class and the day before, one for Creative Non-fiction. Big sigh. I am heading into the final stretch of my certificate in Creative Writing. One more course […]