shoes in the grass

I was flipping through old photos and found this shot, from September, 2012, which reminds me of the title block for one of my favourite blogs, Raising My Rainbow.

The writer of this blog, Lori Duron, has just been published and her book, of the same name as her blog, is about her son, C.J.,  and, as she says, the “adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son”. I have recommended this blog in the past and I also recommend her book. Although the book is specifically about raising C.J., it is more generally about how to be an amazing human being and parent.


My 300th Post!

On August 19, 2011, I created this blog and today, well, it’s my 300th post.

I decided to reflect back and pick one or more of my favourite shots. It took me but a moment to realize I could not pick. So instead, I decided to use two photos I haven’t posted yet – one of my “best work” – my children – and another photo taken by my son, of me and my sweetie. We met 32 years ago this month so that is yet another thing to celebrate.


I finished a book yesterday called Bone and Bread and the final line was….”And the work of getting closer, of loving harder, is the work of a whole life”. I love that line.


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply  gives you courage – Lao Tzu

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and sharing the adventure of my blog. I look forward to what lies ahead. Whatever that is!



Hiding in plain sight


I’ve been posting somewhat less regularly on this blog as I’ve been focussing on returning to work after my summer layoff period.

As well, I have been working on a 30 Day Blog Challenge on my writing blog, If You Would Not Be Forgotten. The Challenge is really adding to my writing but perhaps has thrown the balance off from here. There are some photo opportunities coming up this weekend so perhaps things will even out next week!

The limit

On my writing blog, I posted a letter I sent to members of our provincial government today. Apparently, this was the day I hit my limit regarding the negative press the education sector is facing on a daily basis as the new school year approaches.

Reading other people’s blogs, taking photos, cycling, walking….those are the ways around letting “hitting the limit” ruin your day! Thanks to everyone who comes by…..

Art washes away…

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life – Pablo Picasso

I was trying hard to figure out why losing the use of my camera for (possibly) a couple of months felt so harsh. I read the above quote this morning and realized that taking pictures – my little bit of art – does wash away the dust of everyday life. It also helps me to focus on new interests and look at the world differently and slow down. It is something I look forward to that is solely dependent on me.

I also love to blog – which explains why I have both a writing and a photo blog. Perhaps this summer of no camera will encourage me to focus on getting the writing one more established. Hmmm…

I had an opportunity to spend time with my son by taking pictures of some of his ants eating seeds (technically the elaiosome on the seeds…but I digress). Fortunately, I have an extremely generous neighbour who let me borrow her camera for that – and for this weekend. It’s given me a moment to think about that next step.

wondering what’s next…

On the weekend my camera began giving me trouble and tonight I found out that it will take 3-8 weeks to repair. I told the clerk at the store that not having my camera was like losing a part of me…which is dramatic I know. Yet I had great plans for my photography in this my summer of no commitments.

One of the challenges will be keeping my blog going. I will ponder this wrinkle and decide the way forward.

Stay tuned!