Happy (WordPress) Anniversary to me!

I received notification that I joined WordPress two years ago today….oh my. That seems crazy. I love having a place to see others photos, share my own and write about life’s adventures and misadventures…..

I had planned to share the photo below and how it signifies how summer is “flying” by….but I guess it’s now more about how time flies….



This photo was one in a series of a gazillion where I was trying to get bees pollinating. I didn’t even know I had this shot until I uploaded it on the computer. That’s probably my favourite part of photography – being surprised!


The miracle of bees

I love to photograph things that crawl and fly. Yet, being allergic to bees, it’s not always in my own best interest to photograph bees. But a couple of years ago, my hubby got me a great lens that allows close up shots while standing a ways back. Thankfully!

This shot, like the one from July 27, was taken at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado last month. This is a beautiful garden that I highly recommend. More shots to come in the days ahead.