the cottage

the squishy moss on the rock God’s carpet he asked a sweet memory made the sound of the rain tapping its messages on the steel roof the fog rolling, cotton over the still water enveloping my board the loon calls out I am nearby this is home the lily pads return blanketing the bay white […]


I have a complicated set of emotions around the word ‘dad’. I did not grow up with my own father in my life and when I did get to know him, the mysteries of who he was, the fantasy of who I thought he was – nothing got resolved in the few years we had […]

the dress

(this week’s assignment: write a story from the POV of the person in this painting) This night, one that had all the markings of a triumph, now seemed destined for ruin. A girl plucked from the social margins, Charlotte had been chosen as the star of her school’s musical. She had delivered a flawless closing […]

one day gone

one day gone unpack my bag the hand me ups soft loved items memories emerge scented candle subtle florals a woolen hug   shoes at the door sharp salt crystals fall from the treads memories emerge walks to the beach wind whipped our cheeks frozen belly laughs   scroll the photos your beauty wrapped in […]