inspired by Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese


the world offers itself to your imagination

do not despair

do not question



look to the world

beyond your sorrows

find the beauty

alert your senses

to the wind

to the flowers

the geese, the owl


for it is


that calls to your heart

the snow on the bridge

the crackling ice below

be mindful


the world

offers your imagination


do not let the pull

of trauma

all that screwed up

senseless pain

distract you


the world offers itself

to your imagination

walk barefoot in

the park or

through the river

feel the sharp edges

of rocks

and know

you have the strength

to sink into the pain

take the next step


sing in the forest

tell your happiness

to the leaves and

the branches


tell the mama bird

thank you

for her patience

as she sat

waiting for her babies

give her a nightly

round of applause


remember to bend down

and touch the flower

feel the softness that

inspired that artist

to take up a brush

and show us the feeling

understand the edge

of the petal

learn the curve

of the leaf

know the perfection

of nature


the world offers itself

to your writer’s imagination

lay down in the sand

it provides solace

in its warmth

its roughness

reminds you that

you’re alive


close your eyes and

know the waves

they come from away

to make you think of

nothing and everything


the world offers you

a chance

to stop hiding in

your burlap bag

come forth

into the grass

and the trees

and the sand


the world offers itself to

your heart

to the child who needs healing

and the mother who failed

and the one who only

thought she did


the salve of a sunset

to soothe your wounds

embrace healing from sunshine

and water

and eagles


the world offers itself to

your imagination

what delights are held

in its caves

and narrow pathways

to somewhere

your ideas

are buried beneath

the concrete and steel

the oil rigs and railways

and if you find them

you will

also be found


the world offers itself

to your imagination

touch it

hear it

see it

smell it

taste it

what joy does it bring you

what fears does it remind

you to hide from

what moments in time

become unfrozen

when the sun touches

down on your heart

when the silence of the

morning is broken

and you

no longer run to somewhere

to do something




let the world

offer itself to you


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