Down but not defeated

I would address this to the Wynne Government but more than ever, I know they are not listening.

I would address this to the media, but I fear they are not listening.

I had some optimism the other day, optimism that maybe the world of education would be productive and going forward in negotiations. That may still be the case.

But today I learned that the new president and CEO of Ontario Generation will not have his salary capped. It will be $1.55 million. I am so utterly defeated by this fact.

How can my government sit and negate and berate and denigrate people who work in education and claim that we are money hungry and putting forth our agenda on the backs of children while they are letting the rich get richer? This government is pushing for classrooms that will require a shoehorn to jam more children in, but has no problem allowing ridiculous salaries for public executives.

I am angry and frustrated and, well, sadly, not surprised. I keep thinking back to my sense of cautious optimism when Wynne took office – I thought things could not get worse than the previous premier (what was his name again???).

I was wrong and that makes me sad. I cannot believe that we are not only back at the bargaining table fighting to hold on to the decimated contract items that we do have, plus fighting tooth and nail for our students to have productive and reasonable learning conditions but that we are having to justify ourselves to a public that doesn’t seem to give any mind to ridiculous salaries of other public employees.

Seriously. What is wrong with this picture?

$1.55 million for CEOs versus $30,000 for teaching assistants/DECEs……who is not showing fiscal restraint Kathleen Wynne?

That’d be you, not me.