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Pretty in pink…

In schools everywhere, it was a sea of pink. The International Day Against Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying and Discrimination occurs on the second Wednesday in April and this year, it is today.

If you don’t know the origin, there is loads of information, but basically the day began because two high school students in Nova Scotia witnessed another student being bullied because he was wearing pink. In order to show support for the bullied student, the two boys encouraged others to wear pink and their high school became a sea of pink.

I feel strongly that the Day of Pink belongs in schools.  As I said on Facebook this week, I feel it is our responsibility to build a community that allows students to discover who they are without wondering if they are safe. They need to know that they have adult allies. You may not agree with the ideas and beliefs of other people or feel comfortable with who they love, but showing tolerance is not the same as adopting the beliefs of others.

Kind, caring and tolerant children grow up to be kind, caring and tolerant adults. My crazy dream is that LBGTQII people everywhere will feel as safe as I do in my community and my home and my workplace. I hope they will be able to be proud of their identity and not have to hide any part of who they are in order to have that safety. I dream that parents of LBGTQII children – no matter how old those children are – will also not live in fear for their children having to face discrimination, cruelty and ignorance as well as physical harm.

I wore my Day of Pink to all my appointments today and it generated many discussions and engaged people in dialogue about how to speak to children about the issue in age appropriate ways. It was a great, great way to spend my day.

7 thoughts on “Day of Pink

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    What a great idea, they don’t do that hear, but it is a great thing. Thanks for telling us Paula. I love your image too.


  2. delimaf says:

    Great job, Paula! We are all God’s children. Some people just forget about that. Thanks so much! And what a shot!!! Loved it! 🙂


  3. mummytude says:

    It was a very pink day at A.D.!


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