No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. – Buddha

DSC_1053I appreciate that this is an odd pairing – a photo of a hummingbird and a quote about saving oneself – but it is the reflective stance of the hummingbird that I feel makes it fit. Hummingbirds, like so many people, are so busy and work so hard – but here, this hummingbird paused and that’s what this quote is encouraging us to do – take a moment and reflect and think about how our happiness and our path is one we must find for ourselves.

(As well, I needed a photo that was reminiscent of summer as I am reaching my winter breaking point!)


9 thoughts on “No one saves us

  1. vannillarock says:

    “winter breaking point’! i can relate to that even though i have only been back in a british rain lashed island for a week.


    1. Paula Turner says:

      We have had more storms and snow than in recent years, but as someone reminded me, this is how winter used to be. I think I didn’t mind it then because I didn’t actually have to drive – I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom and snow was always a welcome addition to the activity list!


  2. Beautiful! I need a winter break too.


  3. It was an odd pairing indeed but both are beautiful.


  4. delimaf says:

    Perfect shot! 🙂


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Cooperative subject!


  5. ardysez says:

    I’m loving your thoughts and your photos, Paula, thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Thanks – I appreciate your feedback!


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