6 thoughts on “…friendship is the breathing rose….

  1. aww look at the color… sunset color …. beautiful 🙂


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Thank you. This is actually a rose in my backyard that was given to me when I moved schools 6 years ago. It has a lot of good memories for me!


      1. Wow…Amazingly taken cared of 🙂


      2. Paula Turner says:

        Well, I wish I could say yes. But I have a tendency with my rose bushes to not really pay too much attention to them and they do better than when I used to care for them. I used to prune them religiously and feed them rose bush food….and they began to die off. Then I began ignoring them, other than to photograph them, and viola! They grew and thrived. I have one that is 25 years old that is close to our driveway, gets regular exhaust fumes. Grows like a weed. Go figure!


  2. 2bikes1boat says:

    very pretty. I like the simplicity.


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