Introducing – Paula’s (mom)ents

One of my favourite bloggers, Leanne Cole, has a weekly post introducing her followers to another blog. I was very excited that this week, Leanne introduced her followers to my blog (mom)ents. Thanks Leanne!


For today’s Introduction, I went back through my list of blogs that I follow, a very big list, and found Paula.  It hadn’t been the first time I had thought of doing her blog, but now seemed like a good time.  Paula’s blog (mom)ents covers a few topics, but one subject that does stand out is all the close ups of flowers.

dsc_0521She does many images like this.  These beautiful flowers standing very still and the backgrounds blurred perfectly.  There are some gorgeous background colours too.  There are also many with insects doing what, insects do.

I did ask Paula why she takes photos, I loved her answer, it is something I think we can all learn from,

“I began taking photos because I wanted a hobby when my children left home. Now I take photos because ‎it reminds me to slow down and look more closely at the details.”

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