We are lucky – we have power. We were slightly unlucky in that we have one large pine that has been stripped of branches on one side and lost random other branches lower down. As well, we have one tree down, but it was slated to come down anyway, so that’s less of a disappointment.

I feel fortunate to not be in the cold and the dark two days before Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Iced outdoors

  1. icelandpenny says:

    I’m glad you kept your hydro — so did we, and I’m grateful. I’m also grateful to all the hydro, TTC and municipal employees who have had to work so hard, in such fierce conditions, to try to return our world to normal as quickly as possible. Happy holidays, Paula, and a very happy 2014


    1. Paula Turner says:

      I agree! they have been working overtime for sure! My mother in law is still without power so Christmas is on the move this year! My best friend just got her power back late last night.
      Happy holidays to you also – and I look forward to your 2014 adventures.


  2. so sad for all the trees. glad you were not one of the unfortunate ones without power.


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