photos – quality versus convenience?

Lily....on my phone

Lily….on my phone

Often, there is a debate around phone cameras and the quality of the photos. Without question, I feel that my DSLR takes better quality photos. (I also feel that I could take better pictures with my DSLR if I spent more time playing with the features, but that’s a WHOLE other story.)

Yet, if I am out and about, with photography not being the purpose of my being out and about, I don’t want to miss a beautiful lily, for instance, that I come across. And that is why I am including this photo – I know that it is not the best photo of a lily of ever taken, but it is a good picture of a lily.

This signals a change in my blog, too – lately I have started posting pictures that are not necessarily “picture perfect” (or as picture perfect as my abilities allow) but ones that depict life. Not to say that taking photos solely for the joy of photos will not continue to be the primary focus of the blog – it’s just an expansion of the parameters that I’m considering pursuing.