“The miracle isn’t that you finished. The miracle is that you had the courage to start.” – adapted from John Bingham

I saw this quote today, hand printed on a sign, leaning up against an old chair, right at the top of a hill. The hardest hill of my half marathon trek today. Halfway up the hill, two ladies were dressed in crazy outfits, playing music and dancing away. They also had a sign, “It’s a hill. Get over it”

This was the hardest half marathon walk of the five I have done. I really, really (really) wanted to do a personal best and my first half pace put me right on track. And then, around kilometre 11, the wheels started to fall off the bus. I had pushed so hard in that first half, I believe, that I was not going to be able to keep it up. I did the first 10 km in 1 hour 24 minutes. That’s a pace of 8 minutes 24 seconds. To runners, that sounds easy breezy. And probably for many walkers.

My pace in the second half was 9 minutes 24 seconds. Oops. Was it the hills? The lack of enough food before I started? Who knows?

I do know this. I have never trained harder and felt better before a race. And when things were going good – and there were times in the second half when things were going good – I was very happy.

So, although like the flower below, I’m a bit worse for wear tonight, I’m a happy half marathoner!

How I feel tonight…..

5 thoughts on “The miracle isn’t that you finished…

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I think it is fantastic that you did it and whether you did you best time or not Paula, you are a legend and a champion to me.


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Thanks Leanne. I am very happy with the accomplishment as well – sore this morning but very pleased!


  2. Pete Denton says:

    Well done. Great quote and very appropriate to many projects. I hope your feet don’t hurt too much this morning. 🙂


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Thanks! My feet were sore throughout the last half, but it’s my legs today that are consistent reminders of yesterday’s events!


  3. icelandpenny says:

    Yea, you! You earned your happiness


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