Spending time tonight “carbing up”….race day tomorrow!

As I head into my fifth half marathon walking race, I am feeling confident as I have never prepared as well as this year. Specifically the cross training with cycling. It also is, as my hubby pointed out today, possibly my last walking race as I move to cycling as my main activity.

I am a person who needs goals to get me out the door and exercising – and I’m thrilled that race day has arrived.

The weather report is for rain and unseasonably warm weather, with winds apparently at our backs.  The course is gorgeous and the fall colours are amazing. Time to hydrate and get a good night’s sleep.

Ready to race!

5 thoughts on “Night before….

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    Good luck Paula, I hope it all went well.


    1. Paula Turner says:

      Thanks! It went well – not as fast as I’d hope but that’s okay too! Sadly, hubby took photos but the memory card is defective – hopefully the camera shop can help us out!


      1. Leanne Cole says:

        Oh, that is terrible, the memory card I mean. I think is one of my greatest fears. I am glad it went well though and you did it. Well done.


      2. Paula Turner says:

        there is no simple way to explain how to prevent it because I don’t know why it happens. It must be a defective card….I’ll let you know if I find anything out!


      3. Leanne Cole says:

        Yes do, please.


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