It’s raining….

Today we had several heavy rains – welcome relief for the garden.

While we were in Utah last week, we had several “sun showers”. Heavy downpour, heavy sunshine. Loved it!

Winter memories

With all this hot weather, it’s a thought to look at photos from the winter to help us keep cool, even for just a moment!

Yellow finch

On Friday, I was out cycling and was surprised to see a yellow finch. I don’t recall ever seeing one in the city, and this one was right near an off-ramp of a major highway. Go figure. Seeing the finch reminded me of some shots from last summer at the cottage.

Welcome Back!

Yup – I got the call and my camera is repaired! I walked outside this morning and was able to take photos of some of the flowers that have been awaiting their time in the spotlight.

It is a windy morning, so macro shots are a bit tougher…..

not thrilled with the results, but thrilled with having my camera back!



Actaea pachypoda – Doll’s eyes

The actaea pachypoda is a herbaceous perennial plant with white flowers and fruits (shown above) that resemble doll’s eyes – hence the common name.

I took this shot at the Koffler Scientific Resere, north of Toronto, while helping my son collect ants two summers ago.

Right now, Kyle is in Peru, collecting ants and doing other research. I’d love to be there taking photos and helping him out anyway I can.

Whenever I’m away I keep you in the small of my heart – Madison Violet