My funny valentine

My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine, you make me smile with my heart – Rodgers & Hart

Without question, I have the greatest sweetheart in the world. His specialty is not romantic gifts per se.

No, my hubby’s specialty is the caring and thoughtful things he does for me. Every day, he makes me a smoothie for breakfast, packs my lunch for work (sometimes with little love notes) and makes dinner every night. If I’m cold, he turns up the heat and brings me a blanket. Scouts out the best shots for me when taking walks with my camera. Passes me the remote when we sit down to watch tv. Tells me that he loves me. A lot.

I’m not spoiled once a year. I’m spoiled every single day.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to send much love and appreciation to my sweetie who makes me feel special every day.