Shining a light

I wanted to share some of my favourite blogs, a few at a time, with people who read my blog. I have discovered some wonderful “new to me” blogs through referrals from others. It might get a bit overwhelming to mention all at one time, though. So here’s today’s suggestions.

Daily Dose of Imagery, which you can view here, appeals to me in many ways. It might be Toronto specific, but I think everyone can enjoy the beauty and composition in Sam Javanrouh’s photos. There are no words to accompany his photos. None needed.

Shell River by Mary Schwartz, Katie’s Camera Blog by Katie Johnson and Imagery of Light by Sheila Creighton also are three daily “must sees” for me.

All three of these photographers are exceptional. By following their blogs I have learned the power of one photo and limited words. I have come to believe  in the power of this type of post through these women and their incredibly inspiring blogs. The way in which they see the world, and their use of the simplest of subjects, makes you want to pick up your camera and create.

Thank you to all of you.  

Stay tuned for more….

The answer my friend…


I am not at all a fan of Bob Dylan, yet I truly love the lyrics to “Blowin’ in the Wind”, written by Billy Sherrill and Charlie Rich. I have a memory of singing it in church with my mom, who has an amazing voice.

Last summer, I was out taking shots in the backyard when I came across “fluff”, blowin’ in the wind. With snow on the ground today, I’m yearning for the days of light breezes and bright colours in my garden.


Moon memories

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand” – Frederic Lawrence Knowles

I admire all those who can effectively “shoot the moon”. A year ago today I tried my hand but I found that it was more effective to use the moon as the centrepiece.

There are days…

“If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius” – Larry Leissner


Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself, especially when I am trying to learn something. On January 6th, Jennifer Cole wrote in her blog about different types of photographers (click here to view). She discussed the idea of technical versus non-technical photographers. I definitely am a “non-technical” photographer. When people talk about anything beyond the very basics (“good composition”) I feel like a newbie who hasn’t acquired any knowledge in the 14 months since I got my camera.

I simply like to take pictures.

Today my frustration is about something not even that technical: our tripod. The thing just made no sense to me so I was taking time today to try to learn how to use it and it did not turn out well. I received a small tripod for Christmas that can contort to anything and I have to say I get along much better with it – there are fewer adjustable parts!

All that said and done, I decided to post a photo that truly is one of my favourites. It was a shot that just happened as I was taking pictures last spring. It’s a reminder that there are days, and then there are better days.