A little mystery

At school, the teacher I work with has started a class blog. This is exciting news for me as I am able to actively participate with confidence.

The way that I have chosen to participate, beyond commenting on student’s blogs, is to post “mystery” photographs for the students to consider.

Last week on my school blog, I posted the “little green army man” shot from this post.  I asked the students what they thought the army man was sitting on. Most students felt it was a chocolate chip. In reality, it was a pine cone (which looks remarkably like a bunch of chocolate chips).

This week, hubby and I headed to Rattlesnake Point. I had the “mystery photo” idea in my mind and I took this shot. I then used Paint to highlight the “mystery” item in the shot and have asked the students to tell me what they think it is.

So far, students have guessed birds and a tree. In reality, it is a rock climber.

I am really enjoying this activity and look forward to seeing the world through their eyes.


7 thoughts on “A little mystery

    1. The students are really enjoying it. When I posted the solution today, they were asking me when I would post another one. It was supposed to be weekly, but perhaps we’ll make it more frequent!


  1. very cool
    I have a class blog too, but nothing as exciting or “fun” as what’s going on with your class. Mine is for students to ask questions about homework and comment on things relevant to MST. I DO have a little space for optical illustions and polls which they seem to like, but – wish I had your creativity! 🙂


    1. You’re funny – we do use the blog for homework type assignments. This was the way that I could get involved in the class and further encourage the students to log on at home. The families were the ones who solved this week’s mystery!
      Polls are good! You can borrow photos anytime!


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