As I stood outside on yard duty yesterday, bracing myself against a rather cold December wind, I decided to use the power of positive thought and conjure up memories of Bermuda.  I spent a great deal of time on that trip doing very little, but I did manage to take one or two photos.

We took one day to drive around the island on a scooter, finding places we wanted to return to by public transit. Car rentals are not allowed in Bermuda, but their transit system is amazing. Scooters are a fun but crazy way to get around as all the roads are narrow and only two lanes. Often you will have a truck right behind you – and I mean RIGHT behind you. And the speed limit of 30 km/h appears to be a suggestion more than anything else.

This cemetery was not far from where we stayed and afforded the most amazing sunset views.

I wished I could have gotten to a location higher up to take the shot face on but the streets are so narrow and the building across was not accessible to the public. The weather each day was incredible, though not hot as it was March when we visited.

The flowers were so vibrant and fragrant. The whole island was in bloom.







Everywhere you went on the property we stayed, you could see – and hear – roosters and birds.








4 thoughts on “Bermuda

  1. melfrommass says:

    Went to Burmuda for the first time this past summer —loved it. Beautiful place — you captured it well!



  2. paulaturner says:

    Thanks. It was our second trip and although we try to go somewhere different each time we travel, we decided that Bermuda will be our exception. It’s a relatively quick flight and it is a beautiful place.


  3. Nandini says:

    Beautiful photographs. 🙂


    1. paulaturner says:

      Thanks….The subject matter made it easy!


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