On November 29th, blogger Lesley Carter (http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/) posted about flying with eagles over the Grand Canyon. It reminded me of an amazing trip we took as a family in August, 2007. Our destination was Phoenix, but you cannot be that close to the Grand Canyon and not take at least a day trip there.

There is a great deal to be said about the Grand Canyon and I’ll be honest: photographs do not do it justice. What Leslie’s post reminded me of, though, was the highlight of the day for me. We had taken a bus up from the parking lot to get a good view of the Canyon – not that there is a bad view, but this location would afford us a higher elevation to look down into the Canyon. Sadly, though, it began to rain. And then, it began to sleet and hail. This was August and we were dressed like it was 40 degrees celsius because up until this point, it had been.

Well, we could not get on to a bus heading down to the parking lot. We stood in line, getting wetter and wetter. And then, we gave up and looked for shelter. There were so many people doing the same thing that the only shelter we could find was huddled up against a wall. For some reason, this struck me as funny. Hilarious even. We were up against a stone wall, protected from….nothing.

After quite some time, we made it on to a bus, back to our car. We had clothing to change into and we headed to another side of the Canyon. As we looked back to where we had just left, the storm was obviously still raging.

Thank you Leslie for the reminder of this amazing place and a day of memories.





2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon memories

  1. Were you on the south rim when you took those shots?

    Have a great day,



    1. paulaturner says:

      Yes, I had forgotten that was what it was called.


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