Okay, the title is a bit over the top.

I am not sure where I thought having a blog would take me, but I do know that when I achieved 500 hits this week, it felt like I’d won the lottery.

But, I am just one among a million bloggers (slight underestimate there).

Yet, looking back at “how blogging has changed my life”, it’s more about the community that I have found. There are some AMAZING photos online. I currently follow about three dozen blogs and most of them are photo based. I am inspired and intimidated all at the same time.

The stories on some of these blogs are ones of adventure or people’s day-to-day lives but many have no words, just stories told visually. I used to find it frustrating not to know the story behind the photo, but I have come to appreciate the variety of blogging styles and how important it is to have your own.

I follow three written word blogs. The first was created by a friend who is a writer and it affords her another venue to share her writing. It is an interesting written word blog (saraheinonen.wordpress.com) and is linked to her website that is not only wonderful due to her writing, but it is also very visually appealing (saraheinonen.com).

For pure entertainment value, I have discovered a couple of truly funny writers, one blog is filled with sarcasm  (maximumwage.wordpress.com) and the other is filled with simply engaging stories (jerry-mahoney.com).

Almost all of what I have stumbled upon came through the WordPress link, Freshly Pressed (wordpress.com/#!/fresh). It is a way to highlight some of the brilliant content currently on the web. And I’m confident it is simply the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

So, blogging has kinda, sort of changed my life. Like my photography, it has taught me to look at the possibilities and the realities of what is out there. My world is definitely bigger.

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