After the rain…

Rain in December has its downfalls, specifically that freezing rain is usually the result. The roads were a mess yesterday but I was able to get out to photograph a few drops that had been caught by branches and buildings.


I am lucky. More than a little. I received an abundance of gifts beyond having my children home for Christmas. My sweetie spoiled me with a new lens for taking macro shots – from far away. I have played for a while with the lens but my brain is having trouble readjusting to the concept that you need to be 5 feet away to take a picture of something close up.


Walking forward

It’s hard to put into words the contentment of having everyone together. It is fortunate to have reasons for breaks in routine that create opportunities to share time yet I have every confidence that our family will come together throughout the years even if not on holidays. The time spent raising our children was the best investment in our future happiness imaginable.

Ubuntu – I am because we are.

Let It Snow!

I don’t love being cold and I hate icy roads. Given the alternative of rain, though, I will take snow. Please. 


Let it snow! Let it snow!

A different point of view

Inspiration from other blogs continues….on her blog, Katie’s Camera Blog (check it out here), Katie Johnson posted a photo upside down. This inspired me to look at some of my raindrops and turn them upside down to see if I could see things from a different point of view. This one is my favourite so far because it is unbelievable to imagine I would ever get a raindrop on top of a small petal – and especially with something reflected in it.