When you have lived in one place for twenty years, you sometimes can forget that you have aspects to your neighourhood that are truly interesting or unusual. On the weekend, we had friends over for brunch and a walk in a local marsh. They were impressed by this gorgeous area that is nestled between our home and the lake. I looked around and realized, it’s like having children – a fresh set of eyes to remind me how lucky I am.

 Looking out from the marsh to the Lake


My sweetie’s shot to the west


5 thoughts on “Just a stone’s throw away…

  1. Eric Lee says:

    like it !


  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated.
    Isn’t it odd, we live in a place for years and stop seeing it. We need to refresh our looking and see things through other people’s eyes. Great post, thanks.


    1. paulaturner says:

      Thanks! I really enjoy your blog – and I am so curious about how you got your opening page shot????


  3. Penny says:

    This is amazing Paula. Absolutely amazing….


    1. paulaturner says:

      Thanks Penny – and thanks for taking the time to come by and check things out.


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