Unexpected discovery

After a trip downtown, we decided to take a hike in High Park. Without a doubt, High Park is a jewel in the park system of Toronto. It is beautiful 12 months of the year and can attract large crowds daily. As yesterday was a warm November day, we knew that parking might be a challenge. Ever the optimist, I bypassed the first available parking and we somehow ended up out of the park without finding anything else. We thought we would just head home, but came to a street that we hoped might bring us back into the park.

To our surprise and delight, we came upon a street that led to paths that skirted the western edge of the park without taking you into the more heavily travelled areas. It was as if you were somewhere completely different – definitely not the middle of one of Canada’s largest urban areas. In our travels, we came across people hiking and running and even a diehard cyclist. It was definitely unexpected to find this wonderful, relatively untouched place to take photos and enjoy the amazing weather.

The first unexpected path

Looking across the pond


“The best things in life are unexpected – because there are no expectations” – Eli Khamarov